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Jailbreak Your iPad (Even with iTunes 9.2)

If your like me then when Apple released the iTunes 9.2 update you updated your system for no other reason then for the aesthetic changes and the desire to have the most up to date system.  However if you are also like me, then you purchased an iPad after this and found out that the Spirit jailbreak does not work with iTunes 9.2.  However this problem can be mitigated in two ways.

1. The first manner in which to jailbreak your iPad is to downgrade to iTunes 9.1.  This is a much more difficult process and one I don’t recommend, but you can accomplish it by following instructions.  Simply google it and many different websites offer a tutorial.

2. The second and better way to jailbreak your iPad requires the help of a friend or at least a second computer.  Chances are at least one person you know or a computer you have still has iTunes 9.1.  If thats the case simply connect your iPad but don’t sync with it.  Then jailbreak with the Spirit jailbreak.  Then sync your iPad with your home computer.  You will notice that your iPad is still jailbroken and will work just fine.

Shift It: A (Better Than Windows) Snapping Feature For Mac

When Microsoft was coming out with Windows 7 one of the features they liked to brag about the most was their new snapping feature, a new, nifty idea that allowed a person to use their mouse to drag a window to the left or right side of the screen and “snap” the window to that half of the screen, which if very useful in situations such as typing a paper and looking at a web source at the same time.  Of course, you could manually adjust this prior to this feature by changing the size of the windows and dragging them around, but snapping is much more convenient.  However, Shift It has come up with a much more convenient option for Mac users.  You can install this application from the link posted below.  Upon opening the application you will see Shift in your menu bar.  Clicking it will give you a drop-down menu that you expect from OS X.  Options in this menu include top left, right, bottom, top and just plain left, right, top and bottom and some others. 

Drop-Down MenuSplitting A Screen

But what makes this better than snapping is the fact that all of these commands have keyboard shortcuts, which allows you to move around windows with minimal distraction from the task at hand. I encourage you to install this and test it out for yourself.


Handbrake Tutorial

This video will show you how to rip a DVD using the software Handbrake.

What’s in My Dock?

Every once in a while its nice to confer with other mac owners about what applications they have in their dock at anytime.  The blog segment, “What’s in my dock?” will periodically cover what applications are in the writers’ docks at any one time.

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Customizing Safari Reader

Although Safari Reader is a great invention, the blaring white background can become very tiresome for many viewers.  There are many different options for customizing Reader, but my personal favorite and perhaps the most developed is Antique Reader by Brett Terpstra.  Antique Reader has a tan, aged look which is much easier to read than the stock Safari Reader.  Installation is fairly simple and as long as you make a backup of your files before starting there is minimal risk.

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Safari Extensions

Following the release of Safari 5 many eager customers scoured the web looking for extensions.  Pimpmysafari offers perhaps the best site to help users pimp their safari to their heart’s content.

iWork vs. Microsoft Office 2008

If you are a Mac user it can sometimes be difficult to use a product with the name Microsoft attached.  Unfortunately when it came to office suites it was almost unavoidable as Microsoft Office was inevitably head and shoulders above the rest. However, in its most recent form, Apple’s iWork offers consumers a truly viable alternative that in many regards exceeds Microsoft Office in usability and function.

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